We Are MMS

A team of enthusiasts united by the idea of DeFi and DAO. Since 2016, we have gained experience and have been inspired by the development of the crypto industry. Now, in our eyes, the light of the metaverses and a totally responsible society, where the community decides what is valuable. Our emblem is the cat Max, as a symbol of true friendship and a philosophical lifestyle





[ Noderunners Division ]

Reliable WEB3 infrastructure provider

Our specialists 24/7 support the nodes of 50 networks in the vastness of decentralization. Extensive experience and well-coordinated teamwork allow us to say with confidence that the MMS validator is reliable. Understanding the scale of the emerging economy, we confidently and responsibly approach business.|

Our data center:

  • 5 x (AMD Ryzen 9 5950X / 128 GB DDR4 ECC / 20TB DC NVMe) in Ceph cluster. Total 100TB DC NVMe @ 10Gbit private network
  • Hypervisor Compute Nodes: 3 x (AMD EPYC 7502P / 1024 GB DDR4 ECC / 2 x 3.84TB DC NVMe RAID-1) with PVE 7.1 on Debian 11.01 @ 1Gbit external network (10Gbit to Storage Nodes)

Our Mainnet validators

  • Umee, Evmos, Gravity-Bridge, Kujira, Solana, Streamr, Oasis, Nym, PlanQ, Rebus, Teritori, Pylons, Quicksilver, Paloma, Bware...

Our testnet validators

  • Kucoin, Ares, Celestia, Defund, Forta, Humanode, Kira, KuCoin, KYVE\Kyve_Chain, MasaFinance, Massa, MINIMA, Penumbra, Quicksilver, Rizon, Solana, SSV, Stratos, Streamr, Klin, Subspace, StarkNet, SEI, Paloma, Kujira, CLAN, DWS, Axelar, StaFi, Sui, Gear, hopr, Ironfish, Moonbeam, Umee, Arable Protocol, Evmos, ArchWay, Omniflix, Aptos, Anoma, BitCountry, Cosmic , Laconic, Meson, NeonLabs, Neptune, Solana, t3rn, Massbit, Aura, Uptick, Teritori, Gitopia, Nibiru, etc...
[ Ambassadors Division ]

From the community for the community

The backbone of any product is its users. Sharing the views of community management, our ambassadors promote web3 knowledge in a comprehensive manner. Translations of articles, project reviews, videos and digital art as the basis for promotion. Our goal is an active community that deeply understands the principles of construction and interaction of blockchain technologies.

  • Multilingual community
  • Promotion and explanation
  • Moderators and designers
[ Play2Earn Division ]

PRO Gamers Guild

Many of us grew up with computer games and that's what we like. The gaming industry today is a dream come true from the days of the first generation of game consoles. A game tester sounded crazy 30 years ago. Today it is quite common and this is how game masterpieces appear. The next step will be the inextricable unity of earnings and games. Join us today to create the gaming of the future together.

  • Research and guides for the most relevant P2E
  • A community of like-minded people where there is always a party for you
  • Support for new players